Friday, 19 December 2008

Where has this month gone??

When I first started this blog I had good intentions of being here every night typing away with lots of pictures to add. Well it hasn't really happened. Where does the time go?? I guess its not the best time of the year for good intentions and new projects. I think the cards are all made now and sent, most of the shopping is done and the turkey is in the freezer although I shall be getting that out tonight to defrost and cook before Christmas. I've done this ever since our second daughter was due on the 30th December. I was convinced that I woudn't make the date so dinner was cooked and ready in the freezer should a little baby arrive early. She didn't, she arrived on the 30th but it seemed like a good idea to continue doing it. Well the big day is fast approaching and will we be ready........ of course we will, we always are.

See you soon,

Jane xx

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