Saturday, 20 November 2010

Just watching 'Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', shame Gillian has been picked again..ha ha. Does she not realise she is so funny to watch. I can't believe that she is so scared of so many things but still went in the jungle. Should they ever ask me I would say definitely 'NO WAY'. I know I couldn't do it. I would never do those eating tasks or touch snakes Yeuch!!! Well no worries, they are hardly likely to ask me!!
Yesterday I spent a really nice morning with the ladies at the craft club I was involved with until earlier this year. They are all so lovely and we had a very enjoyable few hours doing decopatch.
The photo shows the before and after, it is so easy and relaxing to do. I meant to take some photos of all the finished boxes but completely forgot to get my camera out!!
I am going back in a few weeks and we will probably do another decopatch item as they all enjoyed it so much.

See you soon,

Jane x

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Anonymous said...

Before I forget, need to talk to you about the decopatch hun
isa xx