Wednesday, 11 July 2012

British Summertime at its best!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

How are you enjoying our lovely summer weather........

Had to take some pictures of this hailstone storm which just hit us.....

This managed to fall out of the sky over Surrey in a matter of minutes,


Just been out to look at the garden and all my lovely hosta leaves
 are ripped to pieces,

Whatever next........

Jane x


Bluefairy4U said...

Wow Jane you have a fantastic garden. Hi this is Jo Thomas I think you might remember me I came to see you at the craft barn and also been on a couple of your classes.
The reason I am writing is also to ask you about the copic compressor machine, I didn't have a chance to talk to you when I came to the craft barn with my grand daughter as you had to go and do a class. My grand daughter is doing a art journal and art for her GcsE I don't know if that is what thy call it now but I know she loves Copics - like me and obviously the next step is the compressor could you tell me where to buy one please. When I saw you at the craft barn you looked so well so happy everything is ok big hugs Jo :) xxx

Jane said...

Hi Jo!!!!
It was lovely to see you too, sorry I didn't get time to chat with you and your grand daughter especially as she is a copic fan!!! Speak to Sandy about a compressor, she can get one for you. There is a smaller one than mine which would be fine or if she is going to airbrush a lot then my compressor is great. Both are through the Copic distributor so are perfect for Copics. What a shame, she could have had a play o see if she liked it!! Still I can always meet you if you want to know more!!!
My garden is not lovely, it needs a lot of work!!! That picture does not show all the mounds of rubbish and mud that used to be grass before we had all the building work done. Still as I get fitter so I can do more out permitting!!!
Jane xx