Monday, 1 April 2013

Hi everyone,
All I seem to have done lately is apologise for not being here regularly!!
Sadly my mum passed away, she was discharged from
hospital, collapsed the next day and was rushed back in.  We were
called in during the night to say goodbye.
It has been a difficult time particularly for my elderly dad who still can't
 quite believe she went in with what they thought was gastro enteritis
 and then became so ill. 
My mum was a nurse and would have known exactly what
was going on.  She chose to keep some things from us so we were not aware
of how serious things were!
Hopefully things will start to get a little easier now so I should be
back here regularly again soon!!!
Mum  -  7th August 1930 - 8th March 2013
I shall be at the new Craft Barn on Saturday 6th April demoing
so do come and say hello and see the new shop!!!!
Jane x

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Jennifer Kirk said...

Sorry to hear your sad news Jane, thinking of you xxx